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Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Product Number / Code
Product code 113
CAS No. [67-68-5]
M.W 78.13
Density at 20°C 1.100 to 1.104
Boiling point 189°C
General Application:
Dimethyl sulfoxideenhances the topical penetrationof drugs owing to its ability to displace bound water fromthe stratum corneum. Increases in drug penetration have beenreported with dimethyl sulfoxide concentrations as low as15%, but significant increases in permeabilitygenerally requireconcentrations higher than 60–80%. The use of dimethyl sulfoxide to improve transdermaldelivery has been reported for ciclosporin,timolol,and awide range of other drugs.Dimethyl sulfoxide has also beenused in the formulation of an injection containing allopurinol.It has also been investigated for use in an experimentalparenteralpreparation for the treatment of liver tumors. In paint formulations of idoxuridine, dimethyl sulfoxide actsboth as a solvent to increase drug solubility and a means ofenabling penetration of the antiviral agent to the deeper levelsof the epidermis. Dimethyl sulfoxide has also been investigated as a potentialtherapeutic agent in conditions such as scleroderma, interstitialcystitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and acute musculoskeletalinjuries, and as an analgesic.It has also been recommendedfor the treatment of anthracycline extravasationand has been investigated as a potentialcryoprotectant
Grade And Packing :
Product Code Pack Size Primary Packing Specification
113US025L 25Ltr GI Drum My PDF
113US200L 200Ltr M.S. Drum
Product Code Pack Size Primary Packing Specification
113US025L 25Ltr GI Drum My PDF
113US200L 200Ltr M.S. Drum
Product Code Pack Size Primary Packing Specification
113BP025L 25Ltr GI Drum My PDF
113BP200L 200Ltr M.S. Drum
Safety Symbols:
img1 img2
Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)
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