Ammonium dihydrogen ortho-phosphate
General Application:

The largest use of monoammonium phosphate by weight is in agriculture, as an ingredient of fertilizers. It supplies soil with the elements nitrogen and phosphorus in a form usable by plants. It is used in the field of optics due to its birefringence properties. Monoammonium phosphate crystals are piezoelectric, a property required in some active sonar transducers (the alternative being transducers that use magnetostriction).Being relatively non-toxic, MAP is also a popular substance for recreational crystal growing, being sold as toy kits mixed with dyes of various colors.

Grade And Packing :

LR (Laboratory Reagent)
Fine Laboratory & Analytical Chemicals
Ammonium dihydrogen ortho-phosphate

Product Code 633

CAS No. 7722-76-1


M.W 115.03

Density At 20°C

Boiling Point