General Application:

n-Butanol is used as an ingredient in perfumes and as a solvent for the extraction of essential oils. n-Butanol is also used as an extractant in the manufacture of antibiotics, hormones, and vitamins, a solvent for paints, coatings, natural resins, gums, synthetic resins, dyes, alkaloids, and camphor. n-Butanol has been proposed as a substitute for diesel fuel and gasoline. n-Butanol occurs naturally as a result of carbohydrate fermentation in several alcoholic beverages, including beer, grape brandies, wine, and whisky. n-Butanol is also formed during deep frying of corn oil, cottonseed oil, trilinolein, and triolein

Grade And Packing :

LR (Laboratory Reagent)
Specification image

Product Code 165LR0500M

Pack Size 500 ml

Primary Packing Glass bottle


Product Code 165LR2500M

Pack Size 2.5 Ltr

Primary Packing Glass bottle


Product Code 165LR025L

Pack Size 25 Ltr

Primary Packing HDPE drum


Product Code 165LR0200L

Pack Size 200 Ltr

Primary Packing MS Drum

Fine Laboratory & Analytical Chemicals
Butan-1-ol (n-Butanol)

Product Code 165

CAS No. [71-36-3]

M.F C4H10O

M.W 74.12

Density At 20°C 0.81

Boiling Point 117.7°C