General Application:

DIPE’s most common use is as a solvent as oil-based solutions dissolve in it. This makes it the ideal base for many paints, waxes, dyes and resins. It is also used as a solvent in paint thinners and stain removers. It can also be used as an extraction agent in metallurgy where, for example, it can recover gold from a nitric acid solution. It is also plays a role in the fuel industry as a gasoline blending component which, when added to gasoline, increases its octane levels.

Grade And Packing :

LR (Laboratory Reagent)
Specification image

Product Code 153LR0500M

Pack Size 500 ml

Primary Packing Glass bottle


Product Code 153LR2500M

Pack Size 2.5 Ltr

Primary Packing Glass bottle


Product Code 153LR025L

Pack Size 25 Ltr

Primary Packing HDPE drum

Fine Laboratory & Analytical Chemicals

Product Code 153

CAS No. [108-20-3]

M.F C6H14O

M.W 102.18

Density At 20°C 0.725

Boiling Point 68.5°C