General Application:

It is used as corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling agent. n–Butyl acetate is a flavouring ingredient used in apple flavours. Butyl acetate is an organic compound which occurs naturally in food products. However, it can also be produced chemically. It is commonly used as a solvent in the production of lacquers and paints. It is a colourless liquid with a low viscosity, having a sweet banana-like odour. This liquid is volatile but flammable in nature. It is also used in the production of paper coatings.

Grade And Packing :

LR (Laboratory Reagent)
Specification image

Product Code 144LR0500M

Pack Size 500 ml

Primary Packing Glass bottle


Product Code 144LR2500M

Pack Size 2.5 Ltr

Primary Packing Glass bottle


Product Code 144LR025L

Pack Size 25 Ltr

Primary Packing HDPE drum

Fine Laboratory & Analytical Chemicals
n-Butyl acetate

Product Code 144

CAS No. [123-86-4]

M.F C6H12O2

M.W 116.16

Density At 20°C 0.882

Boiling Point 126.1°C